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Returning Transportation

1. Return

The import customs declaration trade method is: return the goods. Before handling the import declaration, you must first go to the local "Import and Export Tax Administration" to apply for the "Certificate of Customs Clearance for the Returned Goods". The processing process is not complicated, and the procedures can be completed within 2 working days. Finished.

2. Repair

The import customs declaration trade method is: repair items. Because the repaired items are temporarily returned to China and then returned to foreign countries after the repair is completed, a certain amount of security deposit is required (depending on special circumstances or the value of the goods is also exempt from payment), and the goods will be returned to the enterprise after the goods are returned. Remarks: The import of repaired items does not affect the verification and tax refund of the original export.

In view of the fact that the repaired items need to occupy funds, and if the mechanical and electrical products are to be refurbished, the old mechanical and electrical products may need to be filed with the commodity inspection department. The procedures are somewhat complicated and time-consuming, and you can consider returning the goods according to the company's own situation.